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15.11.2013, 19:56

Historic Manor House utilises ground source heat

Next-generation ground source heat pump system to provide reliable temperature control.


An historic manor house which has undergone a full refurbishment is using a next-generation ground source heat pump system to provide reliable temperature control, according to suppliers ICS Cool Energy. Its bygone inhabitants would surely be impressed.

The heritage manor house holds years of history within its walls and is surrounded by vast tracts of land, which make the site ideal for the use of the highly efficient long-lasting ground source heat pumps.

Ground source units utilise pipes buried in the ground that absorb thermal energy from the earth. The ground is a large hub of stored energy absorbed from the sun and retains it at a moderate temperature of between 10°C and 16°C depending on the latitude. Temperatures stay at a fairly constant temperature under the earth’s surface so that heat can be transferred through the heat pump all year round, even in harsh winters.

Ground source heat unit
BWR352 Ground source heat unit © ICS Cool Energy
ICS Cool Energy installed a BWR352 ground source heat pump using a horizontal ground collect and manifold arrangement in the acres of land around the manor house, providing the property with a continual flow of heat at significantly high efficiency levels.

The BWR352 ground source heat pump represents the next generation of heat pumps with an advanced load management capability. With capacities ranging from 5.1kW to 32.6kW, the unit facilitates maximum flexibility, offering cooling, heating, and domestic hot water for washing, cleaning and sanitary purposes.

The large property now benefits from reduced fuel costs, low COP (coefficient of performance) levels, reduced maintenance, high reliability, and a long life expectancy for the heat pump. Furthermore, the unit features an intelligent electronic control system which manages the communication between different system components, eliminating inefficiencies and prioritising renewable energies over electric power to provide capacities which meet the building load.

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