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31.10.2013, 00:31

Pestproof eliminates its excess fuel costs

Company working with The Fuelcard People to achieve fuel card savings.


Even if the Chancellor of the Exchequer freezes fuel duty, the cost of refuelling the company fleet only ever heads in one direction. This year, the last straw for company director Steve Ivell had been learning that his fuel card supplier was now levying additional ‘transaction’ charges on all refuelling. Pestproofhad become a well known name throughout Northern England during more than two decades of operation, but no company can afford simply to shrug off unexpected additional costs.

Steve Ivell had tolerated having to wait in a call centre queue whenever he had an account query. He had come to accept the inevitability of a random operator not knowing anything about Pestproof or its needs. The realisation, however, that refuelling would now cost £2 extra for every trip to the pumps was a step too far. “Having to pay £2 more is bad enough when you are pouring £75-worth of diesel into a Kangoo,” he said, “but it is quite normal for our people to buy just five litres at a time for a petrol generator. This new transaction charge effectively added 40p per litre to that price. Just as bad, the supplier was already charging the full price shown on the pump, rather than passing any of the significant savings from their massive bulk buying. There had to be a better option.”

With a fleet of a dozen cars, plus another dozen light commercial vehicles ranging from vans to a tipper truck, Pestproof'sfuel bill represents a major cost item. Steve Ivell needed to find a way to control and, if possible, reduce fuel costs. After evaluating a number of suppliers, he settled on The Fuelcard People. His drivers now all carry a Texaco Fastfuel card. He said, “We know, in advance, exactly how much we are going to be paying for diesel or petrol, anywhere in the country. Although it says, “Texaco,” on the card, we can use it all over the place, from major supermarkets to the smaller fuel chains. With the ‘Site Locator’ app for our laptops and mobiles, there is never any problem finding somewhere nearby to fill up.”

As well as Texaco sites, Pestproof drivers can refuel at Tesco, Morrisons, the Co-operative, Jet, Murco and at Moto service stations. Fixed weekly pricing means that, typically, refuelling costs up to 4p per litre less than national average pump prices. Invoicing is all by email, with payment by direct debit, so there is no paperwork to manage. The interval between refuelling and payment means anything up to two weeks of interest-free credit.

Steve Ivell regards personal service as one of the key gains from switching suppliers. “I no longer hang around waiting for a call centre operator who hasn’t heard of us,” he said. “If we need something, I just call Samantha Alexander, our dedicated account manager, and she sorts it out straight away.”

Any organisation spending £500 monthly on refuelling can enjoy the same benefits, and more, from The Fuelcard People – and having a named account manager to call is only the start of the personal approach. Pestproof drivers all carry a Texaco card because that is the one offering the best combination of service, savings and security for the company’s specific requirements. They could be carrying cards bearing the logo of BP, Esso, Shell or other brands, including specialist Diesel Direct and UK Fuels networks. Nobody is taken for granted and a recommendation is only made after a careful examination of the customer’s exact needs and a comparison of the whole fuel card market.

Steve Gale, Business Development Manager for The Fuelcard People, said, “Even if a company is already using fuel cards from another supplier, as Pestproof were, I am certain that we can find them a better deal. 

The last word on fuel cards, though, should go to the other Steve. Steve Ivell said, “If our old supplier had not hit us with that extra £2 transaction charge, we might not have looked around. Now that we have switched to The Fuelcard People, our only regret is that we did not do it a lot sooner.”

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