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23.10.2013, 21:59

Gritit Scoops up BIFM Service Provider of the Year Award

Author: GRITIT Ltd

Accolade awarded to nationwide snow clearance and gritting firm at Grosvenor House Hotel, London.


Nationwide snow clearance and gritting firm, GRITIT, is putting the ‘win’ into winter with the coveted title of British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) Service Provider of the Year 2013.

The company – which specialises in winter risk management – says this award comes at a crucial time while it makes final preparations to service companies in the retail, commercial, industrial, logistics, health and education sectors as temperatures head towards zero.

“Service is the very thing that sets companies apart and instils confidence in customers,” said Nikki Singh-Barmi, Managing Director of GRITIT. “This is absolutely fundamental in our business as organisations nationwide rely on us to keep their sites both operational and safe even in the most extreme weather conditions.

“The disruption, cost and safety implications involved in businesses having access issues or slip hazards in adverse weather can be astronomical, not to mention the potential for closures as a result of heavy snow or icy conditions.

“Winning this award immediately before the start of the season sets the precedent for what our customers can expect from us – an exceptional service that allows them to carry on doing what they do best without interruption,” added Singh-Barmi.

GRITIT received the accolade at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London at the annual awards event of the BIFM this month – which recognises and celebrates excellence across the facilities management sector.

According to BIFM judges, GRITIT has achieved a “professionalisation of the winter risk management sector”. The judges praised the company’s in-house technology solution, NIMBUS, which “means facilities managers have evidence to back up claims that they have met their duty of care.” They also complemented its customer-centric approach: “When it comes to customer service, GRITIT has shown it understands the importance of nurturing relationships just as much as the need to deliver tangible business benefits.”

GRITIT’s NIMBUS technology – which monitors weather conditions, tracks vehicles and teams in real-time and, above all, negates human error and creates an audit trail of completed service. With this information, GRITIT is able to provide sufficient information on sites it has visited to refute claims brought against clients.

“The data collected on NIMBUS has already been used to refute a claim made against a major high street bank,” said Singh-Barmi. “By providing this information we helped to save our customer time and money. It also meant, importantly, that its reputation remained untarnished which in today’s climate really is business-critical.

“As we always say to our customers, ‘don’t worry about the weather, just be sure to appoint the right people to manage it properly and safely’ – we’ll do the rest,” added Singh-Barmi. “The Service Provider of the Year award is testament to that promise.”

GRITIT’s operational season will commence on 1 November 2013.

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