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04.10.2013, 18:30

Turkey cooling with all the trimmings

Author: ICS Cool Energy

ICS Cool energy installs low temperature air handling units at turkey farm.

ICS Cool Energy has been working with turkey farms across the UK to ensure that turkeys will be kept fresh, and retain their quality throughout December. Last year the demand for turkeys reached 10 million in the UK alone, as 76% of households ate turkey as part of their Christmas dinner. ICS Cool Energy works closely with turkey farmers to keep stock cool and in the best conditions ensuring it is of the highest quality when it arrives at the dinner table.

Many turkey farmers have large warehouse spaces to store their produce, which need to be converted into cold stores as it nears December, others require contained cold stores to meet their requirements and provide optimal conditions. ICS Cool Energy assesses each site recommending an individual solution and making sure that the space is cooled to suit specific requirements; -2 ° C for frozen produce and 8° C for refrigerated turkeys.

Russell Wilson, Director of ICS Cool Energy’s rental division explains: “We’ve recently worked with a turkey farm in the Midlands where we converted its store-houses into temperature controlled warehouses. There were two spaces that needed cooling; one was to be converted to a freezer measuring 1364m², and another to be a refrigerated store at 541m².

“Both warehouses were sealed and offered a high level of insulation and open space for systems to be positioned both internally and externally; our engineers installed low temperature air handling units internally with defrost controllers on staggered de-frost cycles to ensure a consistently low temperature could be maintained. Externally we installed an 80kW chiller for the refrigerated store, and 135kW chiller to create the cooling for the freezer store.

“The solution that our engineers recommended for the site was ideal for the farm as its cooling requirements were only needed for four-to-six weeks in the run up to Christmas, and as all maintenance and support was included with the cooling package, the farm could concentrate on its operations.”

ICS Cool Energy stocks a range of equipment available to meet seasonal requirements including process chillers, air handling units, and low temperature systems. Its inclusive package also provides all connecting pipework and system glycol to support each system requirement, as well as complete 24 hour service support.

To find out more about how ICS Cool Energy can supply temporary cooling to industrial processes, visit or call 0800 774 7418.

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