04.10.2013, 17:40

Power Analytics™ Announces New Product for White Space Management

Author: Power Analytics Corporation

New product designed to help data center managers optimize their usable physical space.

Power Analytics Corporation, the leader in advanced energy and power management solutions, has released a new product – Paladin® WSM – designed to help data center managers optimize their usable physical space.

White space, usually defined as the critical physical space in a data center, is the area where facilities and IT truly come together. It is here that computer resources are located, powered and cooled, and where WSM will make a difference.

“Paladin WSM integrates facilities and IT technology to improve the management of Power, Space and Cooling, three areas that have historically been difficult to get right,” said Kevin Meagher, president and chief technology officer for Power Analytics. “WSM addresses these areas in its three major components: Remote Power Panels manager, Rack View manager and Heat Map.”

Remote Power Panels manager (RPP) automates the creation and operation of power panels for the data center. Rack View manager shows the available spaces in the rack, what is installed, the power load for the installed devices, the manufacturer’s specifications, and the actual power consumption (with rack power monitoring). Finally, Heat Map overlays a dynamic, animated map as a semi-transparent layer over any view of the data center.

As with all Paladin software, WSM works with any data source, regardless of the equipment manufacturer or the architecture underneath. WSM also integrates with customer billing, asset management systems and other business applications. Paladin WSM is available now. For more information visit 

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