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The BWT AQA Total Challenge

Author: BWT UK Limited

BWT’s forthcoming promotion will challenge installers, corporate maintenance companies and contractors to fit the scale reduction and control product, AQA Total.


Fit an AQA Total scale control system this Autumn and see the difference or your money back*. That is the challenge that BWT, Europe’s No. 1 water technology company, is making to their UK customers in the run up to this autumn’s heating season.

The BWT AQA Total is an innovative solution for the control of limescale and corrosion within drinking water or boiler installations, and with hundreds of successful installations and satisfied customers across Europe, BWT is challenging maintenance staff, plant operators, contractors and installers to test the unrivalled performance of the AQA total range for themselves.

BWT are so confident in the advanced technology used in the AQA Total that they are genuinely offering new customers their money back if they don’t see an improvement in their scale problems in the first six months after commissioning. For customers seeking added assurance, BWT point to fact that the AQA Total is fully tested and certified to the stringent German standard of DVGW 512.

With revolutionary, unique three phase technology, the AQA total stabilises the hardness minerals in the water which are responsible for limescale by encouraging them to form nano crystals, which harmlessly pass through the installation without forming hard limescale deposits. At the same time, the advanced technology creates a natural and effective protective coating around the inside of pipes and heat exchangers to help prevent corrosion and in turn, prolong the lifespan of pipes and installations.

Unlike many other systems of scale control, the AQA Total works without the use of chemicals or salt and retains all the valuable minerals found naturally in drinking water, meaning any potable supply not only remains safe, but also great to drink.

BWT will be actively promoting the AQA Total Challenge throughout the Autumn through their UK sales team in the trade press and in a wide range of plumbers merchants. So, if you have a new build or current installation with scale problems, BWT urge you to take the challenge and reap the reward of the money back guarantee.

Still not convinced? Contact BWT on 01494 838 117 to hear about how previous customers’ have enjoyed success after fitting the BWT AQA Total scale control system.

*terms and conditions apply.

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