16.08.2013, 04:52

New smartphone technology improves business management

Innovative smartphone app allows better business quality and efficiency.


Quick Request is proud to announce its latest, cutting-edge smartphone app to help businesses better manage their operations and better connect with their customers so businesses can increase efficiencies, cut costs and boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Quick Request is a software service that allows customers and staff members to use their own smartphones or tablets to report problems, request services and provide feedback. This cloud-based system provides companies with a more effective communication tool to instantly receive feedback and meet the needs of their customers to resolve issues faster and to better manage their internal operations.

“The beauty of Quick Request is its flexibility to adapt to any industry,” says the company’s co- founder Tim Hunt. “The system offers many viable solutions to various industry problems, and its uses are limited only by the users’ imagination. We are always updating the system to incorporate more ideas – ideas that come from our users.”

Currently, Quick Request’s clients include a variety of companies in the building services, hospitality, higher education, property management and healthcare industries.

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