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06.08.2013, 11:39

New report highlights US $9 billion of opportunities for sports firms

Global opportunities for sports marketing, infrastructure and consultancy services to 2022 report identifies US $9 billion of new business opportunities for sports service companies in the next decade.


A new report; 'Global opportunities for sports marketing, infrastructure and consultancy services to 2022', says there is $9 billion worth of new business for sports service companies in the next ten years.

Written by renowned sports business author Ardi Kolah, the report identifies opportunities for companies in such fields as sports marketing, IT, law, ticketing, stadium infrastructure, hospitality, architecture, security, merchandising, catering and logistical support.

"We have analysed 55 one-off major sports events around the world that have genuine new business potential over the coming ten years," says Kolah.

"The report was originally designed to look at how UK sports marketing companies could capitalise on their success in delivering the 2012 Olympic Games. However, the extensive data and expert analysis contained within the report applies to all sports service providers globally. Like many other industries, these companies now compete for business internationally and it is important for them to look ahead to the opportunities and to understand how big certain markets are and what barriers to entry exist.

"For example, some of the major markets include Middle Eastern countries and Russia. They are hosting major events with enormous budgets and the report outlines what events are planned, what services are needed, how big the budgets are and how easy is it for outside companies to compete. This information will give companies a major head-start in their quest for new business over the next decade."

The report, published by International Marketing Reports, is particularly relevant to companies delivering sports infrastructure services as it provides a detailed list of 149 new stadium projects as well as stadia renovations and temporary buildings. The report also identifies and profiles the main competing companies in most markets to help businesses to understand the likely challenges they will face in order to secure business.

"Host countries and cities are increasingly looking to international experts in marketing and infrastructure to help deliver their events", says Kolah.

"There is only one chance to get a major event right, and companies that have a track record of delivering on time and on budget stand a good chance of winning business throughout the World. However, it is important that they understand the timescales, the projects and the business culture in those international markets if they are to succeed."

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