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New build achieves BREEAM goal with ICS Cool Energy

Author: ICS Cool Energy

Social enterprise build in Derbyshire achieves ‘very good’ BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) accreditation by using 10% renewable energy.

ICS Cool Energy has helped a new social enterprise build in Derbyshire to achieve a BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) accreditation in line with a ‘very good’ at minimum and ambitions for ‘excellent’ by using 10% renewable energy.

The building houses a number of residential accommodation units, as well as administration offices, laundry facilities and community daytime areas including external gardens which need to achieve high energy savings and long-term payback costs. ICS Cool Energy’s heat pumps division (ICS Heat Pumps) supplied two DeLonghi electric air-to-water heat pumps to the two storey building which is heated by a central boiler plant with a facility for each residential unit to be separately controlled.

Unlike ‘air-to-air’ heat pumps which heat air within a building, the DeLonghi units heat water which circulates around a traditional low temperature heating system such as under-floor heating, without the need for boilers.

Ian Mellor, Area Sales Manager for ICS Heat Pumps explains: “Air-to-water systems can now provide low pressure hot water at 65°C, which is suitable for localised hot water generation to feed an under floor heating system. When comparing this air-to-water heat pump system with a traditional gas boiler, we can see huge energy saving efficiencies.”


Gas Boiler

Heat Pump

Load (kW)



Annual Heat output (kWhr)



Seasonal Efficiency



Annual heat input (kWhr)



Carbon Emission (KgCo2)




With the installation of the four x heat pump systems, the social enterprise facility will save (based on an electric cost of 6.4p/kWhr) in excess of £4,490 per year with payback as little as seven years.

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