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01.08.2013, 13:39

Igloodgn invited to design The Bar at Interior Design Show West 2013 in Vancouver

Author: Igloo Design

Luxury interior design and branding firm invited to design and speak at large-scale trade show.

New York, NY –  Montreal-based renowned interior design and branding firm Igloodgn, pronounced “Igloo Design”, lead designers Anna Abbruzzo and Alain Courchesne recently revealed that they have been invited to not only attend the Interior Design Show West 2013 as keynote speakers, but to also showcase their exceptional interior design skills by designing The Bar by Inform at the trade show, a  center focal point for the huge event. The Interior Design Show West 2013 will be taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre West at 1055 Canada Place Vancouver, BC from Thursday, September 19th, through Sunday, September 22nd. The fashion forward design duo will present two separate speeches on site. One on the topic of “Designing and Branding Your Business” as well as the main stage speech “Maximal Minimalism - The New Canadian Aesthetic”. Previous key note speakers at IDS West have included the likes of many well-known’s and past International elites such as Karim Rashid, Amanda Frost, Kelly Deck, Blair Satterfield and Marc Swackhamer.

“It was a great honor to be given three major opportunities for an event like the Interior Design Show West,” begins Igloodgn Chief Designer Anna Abbruzzo. “To be invited to design The Bar and attend as keynote speakers over many other respectable and suitable interior designers means a great deal to us. Alain and I have so many ideas coming to mind to make this a spectacular project. We also want to make sure we showcase something that will truly aesthetically intrigue the audience, and assure them that we treat each and every project with the utmost care and attention to detail.”

The interior design and branding firm established by co-founders and lead designers Anna Abruzzo and Alain Courchesne are best known for dominating all-encompassing projects for residential and commercial clients alike. Recent projects include longstanding first-rate burger restaurant Mister Steer, opulent housing unit Roccabella Towers, exclusive men’s retailer The Dom Rebel, upscale trendy restaurant Pyrus Bistro, well-established boutique establishment Hotel Van Gaal , and many more. The design duo has also obtained much media attention through many print and digital publications such as Frame, Canadian Interiors, Maison & Demure, The Globe and Mail, Interior Design Magazine, Azure Magazine, Canadian House & Home, and much more. Abbruzzo and Courchesne have recently received many positive reviews regarding their first place win in the Qingdao Subway Design Contest in China for their innovative design of a contemporary subway station using stunning ceramic tiles from Bardelli Italy. The firm specializes in both residential and commercial properties that resonate with an original cohesive space that truly delivers a strong statement.  Igloodgn customizes their clients design needs so that all elements within the space are in harmony with one another, and for commercial clients they also include a full alignment or realignment of the brand identity to compliment all design work.

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