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Temperature control for aquatics

Temporary process cooling maintains stable aquarium temperatures and ensures a variety of species can survive in the same tank

Managing aquatic climates is of paramount importance to the welfare of marine life in both public and private aquariums, so that fish can live harmoniously in the same environment and ensure the marine life is in good health.

ICS Cool Energy has recently provided temporary process cooling to a 195,500 litre aquarium tank at a national aquarium to maintain stable temperatures of around 15°C and to ensure optimum conditions so that a variety of species including mullet, smooth hound, mackerel, cod and trigger fish can survive in the same tank.

It is not common that these co-habiting fish share the same area of water, as cod tend to prefer cool climes. However, ICS Cool Energy was able to utilise the tank design and provide a temperature arrangement that replicates the natural environment of the North Sea, where all of the species can be found.

Stuart Wilders, Group Marketing Manager at ICS Cool Energy explains: “We have considerable experience working with public aquariums and sea parks, providing solutions to manage tank temperatures, as well as central air conditioning for park visitors. We often provide rental contingency packages to house rare species and tropical varieties including octopuses, and where great varieties of aquatic species are housed, there is an essential need to maintain water temperatures to replicate natural environments. If water is too cold, fish become ‘skittish’ and easily startled, but if the water is too warm then the marine life become lethargic which results in a loss of appetite.”

Temperature maintenance is critical and contingency solutions are often needed to protect against any chance of temperature irregularities. Aquariums often require a back-up solution, as a chiller or heater failure could result in the water gradually returning to room temperature, and risk the health of the marine life.

The fast installation of a replacement unit can be critical to species held in the tank. ICS Cool Energy can reserve rental equipment in either a local depot or on site, so that a rental ‘emergency’ solution can be achieved within just a few hours.



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