05.06.2013, 04:17

EFMD releases new sustainability publications

Author: European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

Available in hard copy and as free downloads.


EFMD is pleased to announce the release of two important publications – a 200-page textbook, The Sustainable Business (2nd edition), and a 30-page accompanying workbook – in partnership with the Center for Industrial Productivity and Sustainability (CIPS), GSE Research, the Product-Life Institute and Greenleaf Publishing.

Recommended for managers, employees, teachers and students, this readable and informative guide explains the importance of waste minimization as a first step toward sustainability. Within its pages, the breadth and depth of long-term profitable business practices are explored with an emphasis on optimizing resources (including labour and markets) and maximizing purchases and investments while eliminating the costs of non-product (waste), unemployment, short-term thinking and environmental degradation. 

The bottom line: if you’re looking to gain insight on the future of business, this is it!

“[S]ustainable measures . . . have the happy side-effect of helping to preserve our environment at the same time. This book is one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful guides as to how we might do that.”
Prof Eric Cornuel, Director General and CEO, EFMD

“A great book. Highly recommended . . . there is much to be gained from this guide.”
Zachary Shahn, Earth & Industry

Digital (.pdf) copies of both publications can be downloaded without charge by following each publication's "download" link.

The Sustainable Business (2nd edition)
The Sustainable Business (2nd edition) © EFMD
The Sustainable Business Workbook
The Sustainable Business Workbook © EFMD
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Printed copies for your company or business school can be ordered through the Greenleaf Publishing website.

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