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Case Study: Choosing effective software for facilities management

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Finding a software solution that is sufficiently robust to satisfy regulatory and insurance demands whilst integrating with internal facilities management processes, can be a challenge.

About Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield
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Cushman & Wakefield’s Facilities Management services include Vacant Unit Inspections, which help their clients mitigate insurance liabilities and risks with regular property audits, and health and safety assessments. The nature of the business involves working with many third parties, managing the regulatory and insurer demands for data accuracy, security and integrity, and minimizing costs for their clients.

The Problem

Finding a software solution that was robust enough to meet regulatory and insurance demands, yet was flexible enough to integrate internal Facilities Management processes with hundreds of third party users and contractors was a non-trivial task.

Many other Facilities Management products on the market included the features Cushman & Wakefield required, but were over-burdened with a host of unrequired features; inflating costs, increasing complexity and making it harder to integrate with internal processes and third party contractors. Cushman & Wakefield were looking for a cost-effective solution that could be used both internally and externally, where all data pertaining to their client’s properties was stored securely, and owned entirely by Cushman & Wakefield, with rugged security controls, and flexible integration capabilities for third parties.

The Solution

A very effective solution (Peter Drebble, Chushman & Wakefield)
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After extensive market research and testing, Cushman & Wakefield implemented RedCape ServiceDesk in 2009, identifying it as “a very effective solution to a long standing problem”. RedCape ServiceDesk is a fully customisable suite of mobile and web applications designed for tracking, managing and resolving complex audit scenarios across multiple teams, divisions and companies.

The ServiceDesk Audit Management application is designed for Facility Management auditing companies, enabling office-based staff and remote contractors to collaborate on regular property inspections, reports and issue management. RedCape ServiceDesk generates a permanent record of state, stored securely with rugged access policies and change logs to comply with regulatory and insurance requirements.

Why Cushman & Wakefield Chose RedCape ServiceDesk

RedCape ServiceDesk answers the needs of Cushman & Wakefield’s Facilities Management group by providing:

  • Full customization and branding of the interface and reports
  • A feature set aimed at Facilities Management, eliminating surplus features and simplifying usage
  • Hierarchical access rights for administrators, users and 3rd parties
  • Online and offline access across web & mobile devices
  • Powerful data search and reporting
  • Full data ownership 
  • Secure, date-stamped data for audit trails, regulatory and insurance compliance

RedCape ServiceDesk is relied on by hundreds of companies across the globe to manage communication between internal staff and their customers. ServiceDesk comprises of several applications including HelpDesk and Audit Management.

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