24.05.2013, 15:51

Strobe – the interactive, standalone, multi-sensory recycling unit from Wybone

Solar-powered "industry first" in interactive recycling.

The launch of Wybone's multi-sensory STROBE unit represents an industry first in "interactive recycling"; with each unit incorporating audio-visual feedback and Braille text capabilities to facilitate user engagement.

Messages are fully customisable and can be configured to support local recycling campaigns and initiatives (options include audio messages "thanking" users for recycling waste and configurable, flashing LEDs).

Designed to improve recycling rates, the units are solar powered to provide standalone capability and minimise installation requirements. Transparent panels are also used to increase visibility by assisting users in identifying waste streams on approach.

For more information call +44 (0)1226 744010 or email: [email protected].


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