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04.05.2013, 18:43

"My Home, My Neighbourhood"

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Better Homes survey focuses on end user experience of Dubai property market.

Better Homes is undertaking the first survey to be targeted specifically at end users of property in Dubai.

The online initiative which is entitled, 'My Home, My Neighbourhood', invites visitors to the company's website to leave detailed feedback about their experience with residential property in the Emirate, in return for the opportunity to win a cash prize.

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Better Homes CEO Ryan Mahoney believes the survey will garner significant data about current perceptions and trends in the market between now and its 9 May closing date, adding: "As the Dubai property market recovers, we felt it important that developers, investors and other property stakeholders heard from the end user."

Key survey questions relate to the quality of accommodation, neighbourhood services and safety, and whether Dubai residents consider the city to be their home.

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