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Asia Pacific Hotels Rely on Motorola Solutions for High Speed Internet Access

Author: Motorola Solutions

High-performance wireless solutions enhancing guest loyalty and brand equity at top hotels.

The Hospitality industry is increasingly under pressure from guests to deliver sophisticated, in-room, high-speed internet access (HSIA) experiences. Anything falling short of this expectation can impact adversely on a hotel brand’s reputation. In 2012, Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) delivered wireless solutions to almost 100 sites managed by the world’s 20 most renowned international hotel chains - with additional deliveries being made to leading domestic hotel brands in high-growth Asian markets including China, India and Southeast Asia.

The company's success can be attributed to the WiNG5 Wi-Fi family of products. Designed to maximise the capabilities of  the 802.11n wireless networking standard, the portfolio of products distributes intelligence to a network’s peripheral edge-to-access points. Often designed "from the ground upwards" for the hospitality sector, this suite of Wi-Fi products delivers distinctive investment assurances by virtue of its high reliability levels and superior performance: a strength recognised by many system integrators within the hospitality sector.

Paul Blinkhorn, Motorola Solutions' Vice President of Channels (Asia and Middle East) recollects 2012 as the year when the company "made deep inroads into the key high growth hospitality markets in the Asia Pacific region." Observing that the company's HSIA wireless solutions were chosen by some of the best hotels in the industry, Paul forecasts a positive future outlook:

"With Asia continuing to remain an attractive business and leisure destination, hotels are looking for companies that can be the single source for all their business-critical mobility needs, and have the understanding of what it takes to build reputation and loyal customers. At Motorola Solutions, we are poised for this growth trend. Our portfolio includes best-in-class applications, and a full suite of services to address every aspect of a hotel's mobility needs. We are known for our innovation, for example, we took the trusted and inconspicuous two-way radio and transformed it into the extraordinary SL1K, the world's slimmest and lightest radio in its class – one that can easily be worn under a jacket for discreet use by the hotel's front desk staff while it looks smart and is easy to use in front of the guest.”

Key Facts

1:3 Ration of Wi-Fi Coverage per AP


Motorola Solutions has created wireless Access Points (AP) such as the 2012 Edison Best Product Award-winning AP6511 ‘n' Wall Plate solution that is fast gaining popularity among hospitality customers. A perfect fit for hotels, it allows for easy “plug and play” deployment within minutes at any location to support consistent high bandwidth requirements. Designed especially for hotels, dormitories, and apartment buildings, the AP uses existing CAT 5/6 cabling to cover multiple rooms with minimal site planning. A single AP6511 can serve as a controller for up to 24 dependant 6511 APs to deliver high cost efficiency. 

WiNG5 architecture is central to Motorola Solutions' Wi-Fi portfolio of switches and APs, including the Guinness World Record-setting AP7131. WiNG5 distributes intelligence to access points on the periphery of networks to ensure efficient network bandwidth utilization, reduce (or even eliminate) network bottlenecks at the controller, and ensure consistent availability of adaptive and self-healing capabilities.




In a report that compared  several competing solutions for remote branch office environments, the industry's premier independent testing and strategic consulting organisation, Tolly, concluded that WiNG5's architecture is best-in-class and delivers "unique" differentiation across several, critical parameters.

Hub & Spoke Centralized/Wing Distributed

Wireless networks in hotels facilitate the use of applications ranging from wireless table-side ordering and payment systems to "queue busting," mobile check-in and mobile concierge services; and from asset tracking to mobile engineering services. Hotels can deploy these applications to improve supply chain efficiency and employee productivity, and enable real time voice and data communication that will deliver information and intelligence that is of truly transformational value for decision makers.

Comprehensive Hospitality Solutions

Motorola Solutions offers complete mobility solutions for the hospitality industry, via a comprehensive portfolio that combines a range of purpose-built mobile computers, two-way radios, advanced data capture devices, intelligent wireless networks, software for centralized management, best-in-class applications from award-winning partners, and a full suite of services that address every aspect — from planning, design and deployment, to day-to-day technical support. The company provides industry expertise that drives best practice and encourages simple, single-source and fully-accountable solutions. 

About Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication products and services for enterprise and government customers. The company develops innovative, cutting-edge communication technologies.

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