• Woodpecker Gardens. (photo: )
    News Editor  - 29.06.2020, 16:11

    Virtual Viewings Become the New Normal

    Residents have begun moving into Woodpecker Gardens, a new development in Greenwich, south east London, built under a partnership between Meridian Home Start and Pinnacle Group.

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    News Editor  - 15.06.2020, 16:15

    Smart City Energy Scheme Pilot

    A local energy system to demonstrate how ground source heat pumps with smart heating controls reduce heating costs and carbon emissions is being piloted in Oxford by UK housing provider Stonewater and Kensa Contracting.

  •  (photo: CDC)
    News Editor  - 23.04.2020, 21:45

    COVID-19 and the Perils of Home Cleaning

    The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has issued a safety reminder following an increase in calls to poison control centers from parents and carers of children harmed by cleaning products used to protect homes against COVID-19.

  •  (photo: Paul Farmer)
    News Editor  - 15.04.2020, 15:06

    MRI Extends Acquisitions Spree

    MRI Software has announced the acquisition of Castleton Technology PLC for £82.2 million, its second acquisition of a UK-based social housing software provider since March.

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    FM Editor  - 01.04.2020, 11:42

    Protecting Rental Property and Neighbours

    Swedish tech company Minut has launched an all-in-one home sensor for the short term rental market which combines a smart home alarm, noise monitoring and 'home insights' from sensor data with mobile access and instant alerts.

  •  (photo: )
    FM Editor  - 17.03.2020, 14:20

    Delivering Low Carbon Heat in the City of Leeds

    A Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF) operated by Veolia on behalf of Leeds City Council is the company's 600th district heating scheme for local homes to become fully operational globally.

  • 21 Hyde Park Square, London. (photo: )
    FM Editor  - 28.02.2020, 14:03

    Abseiling to Success

    The recent refurbishment of a prestigious London apartment block by Gunning London deployed specialist abseiling teams to minimise the inconvenience and risk to security frequently associated with scaffolding.

  • Kensa Shoebox heat pump install. (photo: )
    FM Editor  - 24.02.2020, 12:27

    Ground Source Heating Project Shortlisted for Award

    Kensa Contracting and Together Housing have been shortlisted for the H&V News ‘Renewable Project of the Year’ Award for their multi-site renewable heating upgrade programme in social housing across Yorkshire and Lancashire.

  •  (photo: Alvin Decena)
    Cathy Spears  - 20.02.2020, 10:55

    Is Repurposing Empty Buildings the Panacea for Homelessness?

    Cathy Spears weights up the arguments which are advocated for repurposing empty properties to solve the homelessness problem.

  • United Communities Shaldon Road (view of the site from the South). (photo: )
    FM Editor  - 12.02.2020, 19:10

    Empowering Communities With Sustainable Development

    The City of Bristol in South West England is building on its ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030 by developing a community of 50 affordable homes.