Privacy & Cookie Policy

This Privacy and Cookie policy applies to the website which is operated by Integrated Identity Media on behalf of Facilities Management Magazine.

By using the website you entitle us to imply your acceptance of the practices described below.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and our practices regarding the use of any personal data that we may collect from website users are described below.

Our primary goal in collecting any information is to provide users with relevant and appropriate content that will improve their online experience.

Information may also be collected to assist with the following:

a) Compilation of website visitor statistics - typically this will include details of your geographical location and time spent on the website;

b) Fulfilment of subscription-based services; and

c) Fraud prevention

Personally identifiable information about users is only collected with their consent - for example, when a user sends us their details via an online form or posts contact information on an online forum.


Cookies are small text files that may be placed on the device that you use to access the website.

Local Shared Objects (LSOs), which are also referred to as "Flash Cookies" are pieces of data that may be stored on devices by the Adobe Flash Player.

Our use of LSOs

We do not use Local Shared Objects to store information about users, although we cannot guarantee that Adobe Flash-based content hosted on the website by advertisers and other third parties will not do so.

Our use of Cookies

We use Cookies for the following purposes:

1. Collection of visitor statistics (including number and frequency of visits to the website and geographical location of visitors);

2. Advertisement targeting and tracking (impression and "click-through" rates);

Particular types of Cookie that we use

We use two types of cookies when you visit the website, namely:

PROPRIETARY COOKIES which may be saved on your device by the website and may include:

a) Analytics cookies which are used by web analytics software to generate anonymous codes that will enable us to determine whether you have visited the website before; and

b) Registration/Subscription cookies which store information that may be particular to you as a registered user or subscriber to the website, newsletters or print and digital publications.

THIRD PARTY COOKIES which may be saved on your device by third party advertising, social networking and website analytics service providers including the following organisations and companies:


Google AdWords:

Google Analytics:





Disabling Cookies

Cookies may be turned off in most modern web browsers - users may visit for general information.

Deleting Cookies

Browser-specific information is currently available on deleting cookies from the following website addresses:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome/Chromium:

Apple Safari (OS X Mountain Lion):

Mozilla Firefox:

Users are invited to Contact Us if they have specific questions or concerns arising from this document.