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A New Integrated IT Solution for Maintenance

Ian Williams has launched a new mobile asset management solution, IWSYS, in a bid to provide clients a more streamlined proactive and responsive maintenance strategy.
Ian Williams Limited:

Leading property services supplier, Ian Williams has launched a new mobile asset management solution, IWSYS, in a bid to provide clients a more streamlined proactive and responsive maintenance strategy. This mobile solution sees the integration and upgrading of several existing technologies into a single cohesive approach that includes call diagnosis, digital inclusion, delivery KPIs, vehicle tracking and centralised helpdesk.


Jayne Cox, General Manager, explains more: “We’ve invested significant resource into IWSYS to provide additional functionality now and for the future. The main benefit of this new system is that it has been designed completely with the client in mind. So often, the limitations or inflexibility of specific, off the shelf software can impact negatively on operations, but the bespoke, workflow-based nature of IWSYS, means that it has almost limitless options for customisation. This means we can create different workflows to suit specific client requirements such as deploying stock condition surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, gas or electrical checks and certification, and a host of other field based tasks. Most importantly, this is all held in one place and integrates seamlessly with individual housing management systems.



A Property MOT

“IWSYS has the potential to help us add value in real time whenever an Ian Williams surveyor or operative visits a property. Clients can give us pre-defined sets of criteria that they’d like us to report back on. It’s essentially a property MOT. For example, we may be carrying out a boiler repair, but notice that the fence in the back garden is damaged, or that a tap is leaking in the bathroom. Our operatives can then report back on this immediately to the client via a hand held device. Proactive repairs can be scheduled in before the problem gets more severe and requires a potentially more costly, reactive solution. When it comes to asset management, knowledge is king and IWSYS can help gather this knowledge. In turn, it will help clients with the collection of accurate and current data in a cost-effective way which can then be analysed and translated into streamlined asset management strategies for the short and longer term.”


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Ian Williams Limited is a leader and pioneer in its field, providing complete property solutions including building, maintenance and refurbishment to all market sectors. The company is also one of the largest painting contractors in the UK. It was recently named as one of the UK’s most inspiring businesses. By continuously improving and measuring customer satisfaction, the company benefits from an unrivalled reputation as a ‘complete’ property specialist within the public, commercial, education and social housing sectors. Ian Williams has achieved the ROSPA GOLD standard in health and safety practices for eight years running. Ian Williams has been recognised as “a great place to work” by Investors in People, who awarded the company their Silver Standard for the way in which it had transformed business performance through the support and motivation of its team. The award, which has been given to fewer than 600 organisations in the UK, recognises excellence in areas including people management, leadership and performance evaluation. For more information, please visit

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