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Pee-proof coatings are already proving popular in Germany. (photo: )
Pee-proof coatings are already proving popular in Germany.
Monday 31.10.2016 at 13:55 By Liquid Proof (author) in London : London

Brixton Street Urinators in for a Shock

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The Brixton Business Improvement District (BID), a not for profit collective of 650 local businesses, is trialling a new splashback wall coating designed to deter street urination and keep the town clean.


The BID has commissioned providers of specialist protectant sprays Liquiproof to coat walls in Brixton town centre with a revolutionary super-hydrophobic treatment.


The treated walls will now splash back urine if it hits the wall, covering lazy pee-ers’ shoes and clothes instead of local buildings and walls that are left smelling and looking unsightly.


Brixton, a thriving destination during the day and night, has long had a problem with street urination. As a result, the BID is looking at a variety of solutions to tackle the anti-social behaviour which concerns both residents and businesses alike.


The specific locations of the treated walls are being closely guarded, but if successful the Liquiproof treatment will be rolled out across various other spots around the BID area.


This test is part of a wider strategy to raise awareness about the street urination problem and lobby for more public toilets and enforcement. The BID, which is working closely with Lambeth Council and protectant providers Liquiproof, is already investing in additional street cleaning every weekend and is working alongside local stakeholders to keep Brixton vibrant, clean and safe.


Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, Lambeth Cabinet Member for Environment & Transport, said: “People urinating in the street is disgusting and a real irritation for local residents and businesses.  Brixton is a particular hotspot, with many people leaving bars and other venues without having been to the toilet. But it’s got to stop. This splashback spray will give people some comeuppance and make them think twice before peeing in the street in future.”


Gianluca Rizzo, Brixton BID Operations Manager, said: “The BID is already delivering a range of benefits to the town centre by providing additional policing, cleaning, and greening. We are now tackling issues such as air quality, litter, and street urination. This splashback wall coating is a deterrent which lets people know we want to keep Brixton bright, clean and safe for everybody to enjoy.”


Caner Veli, CEO at Liquiproof, added: “Urinating in the street is unpleasant for everyone and Liquiproof is delighted to be the first UK company working with local councils to tackle the problem. We’re really proud of the effectiveness and reliability of our coatings and we’re confident that anyone who finds and ‘tests’ a treated wall will be in for a pretty wet surprise!”


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