Impact of Climate Change on National Trust Property Portfolio

‘Forecast Changeable’ report from the National Trust discusses the challenge of conserving the organisation's extensive property portfolio in the face of climate change.
Panoramio: Stowe House, Buckinghamshire (Photograph: Panoramio).
Stowe House, Buckinghamshire (Photograph: Panoramio).

The National Trust has published a new report, ‘Forecast Changeable’, discussing the challenges posed to conservation of land, collections, houses and gardens under its management by climate change.

The report illustrates how the organisation has adapted property management techniques to accommodate a wider range of environmental risks - including rainwater damage, flooding, and the effects of drought and disease.

A rise in insurance-related costs is also discussed following a more than doubling of the number of claims submitted between 2005 and 2015.

The Trust also discusses its commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

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