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25.06.2020, 09:42

Protecting Employees and Visitors from Covid-19

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A new thermal scanner from Thermavis accurately reads the skin temperature of up to six people simultaneously.


The Multi-Person Thermal Scanner has been developed with £3 million of investment to help businesses and organisations with premises that are open to the public (typically hospital trusts) identify individuals who are suffering from a fever - a primary symptom of the new coronavirus.


Marketed as a non-intrusive solution, the scanner utilises cutting-edge thermal camera technology which is housed in a casing no larger than an iPhone. Images are processed with artificial intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art software to provide readings of multiple people’s body temperature with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees Centigrade in real-time.


Thermavis is backed by Transputec, a global managed IT services provider which supported the development of a viable alternative to often bulky and intrusive existing thermal scanner solutions. Thermavis is supplied with a tablet computer and can also be linked to any Windows machine – allowing multiple monitoring points, remote access, cloud connectivity, and shareable screens.


The camera takes a primary reading from the tear duct, the area of the face which gives the most accurate reading and is least likely to be impacted by body heat anomalies, or obscured by face masks. It takes a secondary reading from the forehead to accommodate glasses wearers.


Mark Nightingale, Chief Operating Officer for Thermavis, explains: "The Covid-19 crisis has caused huge challenges for the health and wellbeing of front-line workers who play a vital role in the running of hospitals, social care and keeping our transport infrastructure running. Likewise, for many businesses returning to work following the lifting of lockdown measures, the issue of keeping staff safe from infection is a top priority.


"Our new state-of-the art Thermavis product range is specifically designed to enable efficient and non-intrusive temperature testing. Our cutting-edge hardware combined with the AI-enabled software has left us with a product which is not prone to anomalies or faults, and can be integrated across workplaces, venues, and hospitality locations with ease to get the economy moving again.


"The portable nature and small size of the camera, means the scanning process is non-intrusive and discreet. The operator can easily move, reposition or relocate the camera, with ease."


Sonny Sehgal, Transputec CEO, adds: "We’re thrilled to unveil the latest addition to the Transputec portfolio of products and services. Our dedicated team of scientists, engineers, developers and innovators have worked hard to develop a product that will enable employers to swiftly test employees and customers for temperature irregularities, ensuring that suspected cases of Covid-19 can be quickly identified and addressed, protecting staff from risk."

Visit the company's website for details.


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