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Case Study: The Brazilian Job

11 July 2018 / by Belzona International (author) / Harrogate
 (photo: Belzona International)
/ (photo: Belzona International)

Belzona International's Brazilian distributor faced a challenge when bolt heads securing a crane to concrete foundations at a pulp and paper mill started to fail and required a solution that was resistant to mechanical movement and vibration.


Quickly returning the equipment to service was also essential as the fastest 'traditional' approach which would have required demolishing and reconstructing the crane's base, would have taken 45 days to complete.


A Consultant with the Distributor who had substantial experience working with pulp and paper plants, proposed an alternative plan of action: anchoring new bolts with Belzona 4111 and Belzona 4151 system. The solution presented appeared the stronger candidate; it came at half the cost of the traditional method and promised to return the crane back to service in 7 days.


To instigate the process, 48 new holes were drilled to install newly fabricated bolts. The surfaces were prepared and cleaned, and the application areas were conditioned.


The skid was then positioned over the concrete base, secured and aligned with four metal bars in four points around the perimeter of the skid, and positioned on the top of the concrete base. To guarantee that the product completely filled the void and that the leakage of the material was prevented, a foam sealant was used.


Belzona 4111 and Belzona 4151 were then mixed and injected into each of the holes. Anchor bolts were inserted, and excess product was used to fill the annular space under the equipment. A venting hole in each of the injection points was used to eliminate air entrapment in the repair.

Other Opportunities

Belzona 4111 and 4151 have been made full use of at the plant, as the same technology has already been used to secure the bases of a few pump blocks.


The same method is also used in other facilities like Mining and Quarrying plants, for example, for the bases and foundations of ball mills, crushers, vibrating screens, pump and engine blocks.






Belzona International


Belzona International

Established in 1952, Belzona is a leading company in the design and manufacture of polymer repair composites and industrial protective coatings for the protection and improvement of machinery, equipment, buildings and structures. Belzona has over 140 Distributors in more than 120 countries. Distributorships and their teams are supported by Belzona Corporate offices in Europe, North America and Asia. For more information, visit www.belzona.com.

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