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Lighting Industry Academy Open Day

15 June 2018 / by The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA) (author) / Telford
 (photo: The Lighting Industry Association)
/ (photo: The Lighting Industry Association)

The Lighting Industry Academy is holding its Open Day on Tuesday, 3 July at the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) in Telford and invites all those interested in finding educational opportunities for working in and developing their careers in lighting.


The Academy Open Day is being promoted as an opportunity for prospective students to find out what courses are available and seek guidance from the industry experts from all areas of lighting, who are also the tutors at the Academy. The attendees will be able to see first-hand, where and what they will learn, and explore the learning options for a career in the lighting Industry. 


Opened in September 2016, the Academy was developed to create a hub for high-quality learning for the lighting community, and since has helped individuals and companies gain knowledge and develop the up-to-date skills required for lighting today. 


The Open Day will also be an opportunity for progressive businesses in the lighting industry to find out how the Academy has progressed since opening and what it can offer to the lighting community in education, training and personnel development. 


Chief Executive of the LIA, Steve Davies commenting about the need for education in the lighting industry and the Academy’s role in it said: 

"The lighting industry is changing as new technologies, lifestyle changes and government initiatives are creating fantastic new opportunities for people working and looking to come into the industry.  

“The Lighting Industry Academy continues to invest in the learning tools required to maximise these and future opportunities.” 


With a range of courses covering lighting application, design, software, legislation, energy efficiency etc., the Academy offers a wide choice of unique learning opportunities. 


Offered at a level that suits a learner’s experience and knowledge, the courses at the Academy range from introductory, certificate, advanced certificate and all the way up to Higher National Certificate and Diploma (HNC and HND) in Lighting Design and Technology (in partnership with the University of South Wales), which are the first qualifications in lighting at this level in the UK. 


Trainee Lighting Designer at it does Lighting Ltd, Chandni Patel is from the first batch of students who enrolled on to the Academy’s HNC course. Chandni said about her experience on the course: 

“I joined the HNC course with the LIA early on in my career, which has helped me to understand not only the fundamentals of light but also be able to apply them in my job. The mixture of theory-based knowledge and practical work has allowed me to grasp concepts easily with the support of tutors who have been excellent.  

“I would strongly recommend the course to any new starters to the industry, or for people wanting to embark on a career in lighting.” 


Chandni and some of her fellow students will be present on the day to share their learning experience with prospective students. 


Also present will be Academy Ambassadors, who are some of the key businesses in lighting and are passionate supporters of the Academy in reaching its full potential in delivering the skills and education to take the industry forward. The Ambassadors will share their reasons for joining the Academy’s Ambassador programme and their experience so far. 


Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the state-of-the-art LIA Laboratory in action, which is Europe’s largest independent testing, measurement and certification laboratory dedicated to lighting. 


More information about the Lighting Industry Academy Open Day can be found at https://www.thelia.org.uk/events/lighting-industry-academy-open-day  



About The Lighting Industry Academy 

The Lighting Industry Academy is a professional learning institution committed to fulfilling all the educational needs of the lighting community. It brings together specialist lighting courses run by the Academy as well as other leading lighting organisations. The courses are delivered by highly skilled, professional trainers with many years of experience. The Academy provides class-based learning at a new dedicated campus in Telford as well as a variety of other locations throughout the UK. To learn more about the Lighting Industry Academy, visit www.thelia.org.uk/training-academy.






The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA)


The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA)

The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA) is Europe’s largest Lighting Trade Association with a simple mission: "To strengthen the industry and promote the benefits of good quality lighting by representing all aspects of UK, EU and international legislation and standards at the highest level whilst protecting the interests of both the public and Members". The LIA was formed in January 2012 from the merger of The Lighting Industry Federation and The Lighting Association which brought together 175 years of experience in representing the industry. The LIA additionally owns and operates Lumicom, a not-for-profit WEEE Compliance Scheme that helps producers selling into the non-household market meet their regulatory obligations. Visit www.thelia.org.uk.

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