Two Decades of CIFF

Celebrating the theme, "Better Life, Better Work", the next edition of FM Industry partner event The China International Furniture Fair (CIFF), will feature several visitor surprises to mark 40 memorable editions.
CIFF: CIFF press conference.
CIFF press conference.

Organised under the theme, "Better Life, Better Work", the next edition of FM Industry partner event, The China International Furniture Fair (CIFF), will feature several surprises to mark 40 memorable editions.






Taking place from 11 to 14 September 2017 at the National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai Hongqiao, CIFF will host more than 2,000 exhibitors on an exhibition floor area of 400,000 square metres and welcome an estimated 100,000 professional visitors (pre-registrations are already 121.3% up on 2016).



Celebrating 20 Years and the unique, "Two City Venues of Excellence”, Concept

The 40th anniversary of CIFF celebrates the incredible variety of the modern furniture industry and the uniqueness of an event that is hosted annually in two strategically located Chinese cities - as well as the quality of manufacturers and distributors operating in several furniture sub-sectors that will each have a theme assigned to them.


With the "Fashion Home, Dream Life" theme, the Home Furniture section will accommodate high-quality and technologically advanced furniture that can improve the quality of domestic life; companies from all over the world will be divided between International Hall, Design Hall, Customized and Smart Home Hall, Modern Furniture Brands, European & American Lifestyles, Sofa Brands, Sofa Premium and Sleep Centre.


The "Bring Nature Home" theme will be assigned 30,000 square metres and will be supported by an Outdoor & Leisure section hosting approximately 150 exhibitors who can provide complete solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.

Pavilions dedicated to Homedecor & Hometextile will tackle the theme: “Decorate to make your dream come true”, hosting companies who can interpret the new trends in interior decoration.

“Create a Lively Workspace” is the name of the pavilions dedicated to Office Furniture, which is proving to be one of the largest and most important showcases in eastern China.

In the next edition, the Furniture & Raw Material section with the theme of “All you need to make great furniture” will be connected to the Home Furniture section, therefore creating continuity and setting up an integrated trading platform.


The 40th edition of CIFF will also host the awards ceremony for the winners of the Pinnacle Awards Asia-Pacific 2017 - a prestigious design award promoted by CIFF, the American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD), and the US High Point Market that involves the selection of winners from 16 separate categories by 19 renowned judges.

The 3rd edition of the EAST Design Show will tackle the theme of “tea art” and explain the appeal and strength of Asian design and artisanship.


The renowned designers and curators of the show, Mr. Zhu Xiaojie and Mr. Hou Zhengguang, together with the director and colour director Jianming, will invite visitors to sit down and enjoy a cup of delicious tea.


100 designers from the Wall Art gallery have signed original tea sets. In addition to this, the products of more than 30 Swedish and Chinese designers and students will display the originality and integration of Nordic and eastern design.


The East Design Show will be a wonderful opportunity to see and appreciate the high level of Asian design, and to discover young talent.


Witness Pinnacle-Hongqiao Design Forum

The “Witness the Pinnacle” forum will be held on 12 September, and during this event the world-famous designer Masayuki Kurokawa, the famous American designer Jonathan Adler and Brent D. Smith, Director of Ralph Lauren Asia Pacific will share their knowledge and expertise. Morever, Frederic Spector, Professor of the Rhode Island School of Design, will set up a round table with Chinese designers.



Hurun Home Art Exhibtion

The "HURUN HOME" art exhibition, organised by CIFF and by the Hurun Research Institute, will demonstrate a collection of exquisite Chinese art pieces and promote promising young eastern designers.



Office Life Theme Pavilion

This year the Office Show will tackle the theme of “Joyful Office”. Designed by Mr. Xu Zhaoming, it will showcase an office that is stimulating, that can be welcoming: a space that is very different from a traditional, rigid office.



Domestic & Foreign Trade Matching

One of CIFF’s priorities has always been to create new business opportunities for exhibitors and professional operators, thus fostering the domestic and international markets. This year a new discussion platform will facilitate fruitful meetings.


CIFF & Tmall Deco Carnival

Continuation for the project between CIFF and Tmall, the largest Chinese B2C online sales platform belonging to Alibaba Group: CIFF & Tmall Deco Carnival. To create new experiences and lifestyles, this year’s event will be entitled "My Dream Life", and will give life to ideal scenarios subdivided by age group: 0, 18, 30, 50 and 70. Companies will have the opportunity to launch new products online and offline at the same time.


The amazing range of products and events offered by the 40th edition of CIFF will be completed by a series of events and conventions, including: The Belt & Road Forum for Home Industry International Communication and Cooperation, the Forum on Channel Change in New Retail of Home Industry, the 1st China Home Industry Internet & Intelligent Technology Conference, the China Interiors and Decorations Conference and the Show of CBDA Art & Design of Soft Furnishings China 2017.


Today more than ever before, CIFF is the main furniture sector business and information platform for the Chinese and Asian market.


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About China International Furniture Fair (CIFF)

The bi-annual China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) is the largest exhibition for furniture manufacturers and buyers on the global events calendar, and attracts more than 140,000 visitors every year. Visit for information on visitor registration - registration for the event is free, and exhibition space.

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